I have to say the every morning I sit with my cup of coffee, yes I am a coffee guy, with my notebook and pen.  Guitar to the left and right depending on which sound I'm hearing in my mind.  I often think out loud, talk to my dog, discuss an idea with a picture on the wall, or sing with no words on paper. I call this creation. I believe people want to do something original with their lives.  Do something no one else has done.  That's an Artist, Creator, Author, a dedicated mind.  I am a singer songwriter, and have that burning deep down in my soul to do just that, CREATE!  I have some really good music that will never be heard.  I think that it's a crying shame, we have original artists that never get the chance to be heard.  I have no desire to be the one on the stage everyday, but, I would like my songs out there.  I think my dedication is more to the writing.  Here's one called "Lipstick Letter"  hope those reading and listening will enjoy.


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