Christmas Classics

Holidays are here at last.  It has been a long year with many ups and downs. Started back in the beginning of March year 2020. My girl went on a trip to Italy with her friend who's husband is a pilot and got various discounts for the trip.  She was there only one day when the Country went on lock down.  Her friend was able to get out very quickly but my girl was stuck.  With tears in her eyes she would call me and the feeling of being alone set in. I could feel the despair in her voice and the only thing I could do was encourage her to stay strong and get on a plane ASAP.  Well as the story goes, she was very lucky and was able to get on the last flight out of the country before the airports shut down.  30 hours later she was back home under quarantine for two weeks. To be safe I quarantined with her.  Since that moment till now in this Christmas Season, we have been fortunate as to NOT get the virus Covid-19 which shut down the world. But I will say, Working from home is not the ideal situation for me.  My phone never stops ringing, I was on the road doing building inspections more than normal because everybody was home trying not to be bored. With so many people home, all those projects started getting done around the house.  So instead of a normal 8 hour day, I was putting in 10-12 hours per day. Tempers would quickly get out of hand. This time during the pandemic has been difficult, but I think people are starting to believe this is the new norm.  I hope everyone has a great season, stay healthy, keep the music in your heart.


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