What’s On Your Mind

What are you thinking?

So many times I have sat with my pen in hand in front of a shade drawn window as not to distract me from the current words flowing on the paper.  These words form over and over in and out of sync with the next adventure or direction I want the story to go.

For myself, this is a hobby, I love it, but the exercise of writing descriptions of simple things like what does a boot smell like? Try it, the hollow darkness that lingers the dampness of fresh unused rubber. As of a rain that had not yet dried before the splash of water into the warm sun dried earth.  Or the rain forest held the musty green aroma as to say no, don't put your foot in here!

My point of this little blurb, if you're gonna write, practice the little things, it will help when the dedication of the words match an idea that has been put into motion.

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