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While other classmates were busy collecting spiders and baseball cards, a young Michael Shawn was busy jamming. The Singer Songwriter, and Musician, who Hollywood Sentinel hails as "The next Johnny Cash," began playing guitar at the young age of 9 years old. A second generation guitar player, music and a guitar was literally handed down to the young, future performer, growing up with his mother--also a singer and songwriter-- performing on stage. With a guitar always in the corner, his older brother, who also played guitar, would tell him to pick up the instrument, and teach him how to play. 

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"People like Michael Shawn Hartman are the reason why I get tears in my eyes
and say a prayer of thanks for being able to work in the music industry. With
songwriting that is phenomenal, a voice that is unforgettable, and guitar work
that is as cool as can be,

Michael Shawn Hartman

puts the blues and soul back in to country---where it belongs!" 

--News Blaze dot com-- 

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When asked what his life philosophy is, Michael admits, "My philosophy is don't take advantage of people, and be comfortable with everything around me. I try be the fairest I can to everybody."

He goes on, "The Stars on the Wall" song, was written for the veterans, the unnamed stars like on the CIA wall," explaining that he wrote for the veterans, adding,

"My father was a  Veteran in WWII, in the navy USS Boston."

 "Country music makes me happy when I hear it. It makes me feel good. I want to do the same for people. I want to make people happy and feel good with my music."

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